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Looking to Run?

Congratulations on your first step in running for a district level position! Here is the Intent to Run Form and the Candidacy Forms. These are the forms you will need to fill out and submit to signify your desire to run for that particular position. Please fill out an Intent to Run Form if you haven't already.


Next complete the desired Candidacy Form. These can be emailed to the District Administrator or the Assistant District Administrator.  


Should a student desire to run from the floor at Convention, they are strongly encouraged to bring signed copies of this form for the office they are seeking as they will be required to have a fully executed copy on file within 10 days of election or they will forfeit their position.  


Having a Candidacy Form completed, in advance, will prevent any misunderstanding between the candidate and their parent/guardian, faculty advisor, and school principal.  


District Administrator Email

Assistant District Administrator Email

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