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Are you interested in applying for an award at DCON? Check out the resources below for more information!

Questions? Email

club awards

To apply for club level district and international recognition, email the application form below to the Key Club District Administrator ( or turn it in to the DA at the annual district convention. 

All clubs are required to submit an annual achievement report by DCON. 

individual contests & awards

At the annual district convention Key Club members can enter the Talent Contest or the Oratory Contest.  Click on the links below to see the details of each contest.  The winners of these contests will then be eligible to compete at the Key Club International Convention.

Additional contests are also available to individuals: Promotional Video Contest, Recruitment Poster Contest or Year in Review Scrapbook Contest.  Click on the following applications and then email the application to the Key Club District Administrator ( or bring them to the annual district convention- March 31st.

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