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DCON is the annual Key Club District Convention, typically taking place in Denver's Sheraton West Hotel, from March 27th to March 29th. The primary purpose of DCON is to elect a new district board, but there are so many fun activities Key Clubbers from all over the Rocky Mountain District can partake in! We have speakers, a dance, food, Key Club International Board member guests, and more! Your club can even win awards! (2021 DCON is virtual)




Maybe you're an officer who wants individual recognition for your hard work, or maybe you're a member who thinks your club could win an award at the District Convention. Either way, click the link below to find out more about awards!


Check out of of the big service projects that typically happens at DCON! 

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Registration is UP!!

It closes March 15th, and make sure to check out our YouTube to find out about the THEME!!

2021 DCON

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