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Our district board

Jasmine Lopez


A. Lynn Mayfield


Ezra Weir


Jordan Reichhardt

Fundraising Chair

Emma Bovaird

International Relations Chair

Amy Hambrick

Division 1 LTG

Ciara Byrne

Division 3 LTG

Mikayla Cavanaugh

Division 4 LTG

Miracle Gardner

Division 6 LTG

Ryan Myers
Division 7 LTG

Sibi Raja

Division 9 LTG

Kameron Murfitt

Division 10 LTG

Tess Hull

Division 12 LTG

Ben Shwartz

Division 13 LTG

Andrew Hong

Division 15 LTG

Sam Grebener

Division 16 LTG

Nicki Wedger

CKI Ambassador

Emily Leonard

K Family Ambassador

Jenny Torres


Kelsey Byrne

Bulletin Editor

To Be Reinstated in April, 2020

Convention Chair

Lanie Freeland

Division 2 LTG

Gurleen Kaur

Division 5/18 LTG

Kimber Wheeler

Division 8 LTG

Jessica Kallor

Division 11 LTG

Kaylee Speth

Division 14 LTG

Rylee Walker

Division 17 LTG