What is key club?

Key Club is an international organization for high school students to perform service and be leaders in their home, school and community. With 276,000 members and 33 districts world-wide, we are making real change in our world with our community partners and charities. To learn more about Key Club as an international organization, visit keyclub.org.


The k-family

There's more than just Key Club in the Kiwanis Family. In fact, there's an organization or club for every age group. From childhood to adulthood, you can help serve with others in the K-Family!

Kids: Terrific Kids, K-Kids, Bring Up Grades

Teens: Builder's Club, Key Club, Key Leader

Adults: Circle-K, Aktion Club, Kiwanis

Key club structure

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KeyClubWordmark-Black (1).png
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Because Key Club is so large and is led by students, there is a solid structure that allows it to function.


Most likely, there's a Key Club at your school made up of officers, like the president, vice president, secretary, etc. Your school is part of a division (to see which one, click here) and a district (the Rocky Mountain District if you live in Colorado, Wyoming, or New Mexico).


There are a couple schools in each division with a Lieutenant Governor (Lt. G) in charge of each. The president of your club files a monthly report to the district secretary. Also, the Lt. G creates a (typically) monthly newsletter to inform the clubs of what's been going on. Each year, your Lt. G should hold two divisional rallies.


About twenty divisions make up a district. The District Board is made up of a governor, secretary, treasurer, bulletin editor, tech chair, project chair, convention chair, and the Lt. G's. These people are either appointed by the governor or elected at the annual District Convention (or simply called DCON). 


The international level is made up of the districts. There's the international president, vice president, and the trustees. Every year, the International Convention (often abbreviated as ICON) takes place where thousands of Key Clubbers across the world come together to elect the international officers, review accomplishments of
the past year and set policies for the coming year.

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Fun facts

1. The first Key Club was created at Sacramento High School in 1925.

2. What does the KEY in Key Club stand for? The “Key Boys” were the popular boys at Sacramento High School who started the first Key Club to give back to their community.

3. John F. Kennedy was present at the 1956 convention in Washington D.C. before he was elected to be president in 1960.

4. Females were not allowed in Key Club until 1976.

5. Past Key Club members include Bill Clinton, Elvis Presley, and Brad Pitt.

6. There are over 260,000 members!

7. Every Key Club official color has a meaning: blue stands for unwavering character, gold stands for service, and white stands for purity.

8. Current Florida senator Bill Nelson is a past Key Club International President.

9. As of 2010, Key Club has 30 member nations, and clubs exist on every continent except Antarctica.

10. Originally, Key Club adopted the Kiwanis International motto “We Build” as its own. However, the motto was changed in 1978 to “Caring - Our Way of Life,” because it was thought that this motto better reflected the passion the Key Clubbers have for serving the world.