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Color Schemes and Branding

By Cassandra Breeden (LtG. Division 2) and Emma Bovaird (Tech Chair), 2020-2021

Key Club isn’t just all work and no play. This is true for making your own club’s color scheme. When making newsletters, sign-up sheets, or even emails, you want the overall look to be cohesive and clean. The color scheme and fonts must be within brand guidelines, the “cheat sheet” is on the Rocky Mountain Key Club website, but there is a lot of creative freedom even within the brand guide. (Remember: The official Key Club brand guide is linked below).

Overall the color scheme, fonts, and any designs should be more on the consistent side. It can vary a little from year to year or it can remain the same until a change is made. The important thing to keep in mind is that you want your scheme to look professional. Use fonts that compliment each other, use colors that work well together and are not distracting, so add colors together in a document tastefully (avoid anything too harsh). Also, bear in mind that the Key Club logo will always need space to maintain the brand. Do not get in trouble with something little like the actual Key Club logo. When changing the color scheme keep it as close to the previous scheme as you can so it is not a drastic change between years.

Come up with a few color palette options. This can be with any colors in the brand guide, or as close to them as possible, with another color. As long as they look good together and you can maintain it throughout the year it will be perfect. Vote on the choices with your club or officers so they are involved with the decision and color palette process so every party is satisfied.

Make the executive decision at the beginning of the Key Club term (this can be done by the president or the webmaster). It is best to do this as early as possible to start setting your clubs brand for the year.

If you need a place to start looking at different brand color schemes, take a look at the Lieutenant Governors’ newsletter as they each have their own unique styles. You can look at one of the many other districts that the Rocky Mountain district is following on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter for inspiration as well. Just remember to maintain brand guidelines, keep a consistent scheme throughout the year, you can find resources on the district website, and have fun!

Check out for more resources regarding branding, including Key Club-approved and designed doodles.

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