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DCON, ICON, and more! (see more under the "events" tab)

By: 2020-2021 RMD Tech Chair, Emma Bovaird

The District Convention (DCON) and the International Convention (ICON) are events for Key Clubbers to meet new people, learn about our partners (see the "partners" tab for more info), serve as a District, party, celebrate, WIN AWARDS, and just have a great time!

Unfortunately COVID-19 put a halt to the 2020 Rocky Mountain District DCON, and the 2020 ICON.

We still held elections, but now we are even more excited for what 2021 holds! Make sure to check out the District Instagram for updates and see if you can guess the 2021 theme before January 1st!

Make sure to check out the "awards" tab under "resources" before DCON!!! YOU and YOUR CLUB could earn awards or recognition for your hard work and perseverance.


The 2021 ICON will be held in Orlando, Florida and is scheduled for July 7-11. Check out for more resources, info, and ideas on how to raise money to support YOUR attendance in 2021!

Peep some ICON 2019 photos below (or under the events tab)!


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